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Less is

Following the speed of technological changes is a challenge for everyone. It is a challenge even for the best ones. That is the reason, why should not over complicate your thinking, when making decisions. Keep it short an simple. People will not have time to concentrate ideas, which are going round and round. You should go directly to the point and explain, why it is beneficial and and why it is not. There is no reason to build everything ready before you launch it, because if the audience doesn't accept it, all the effort used for creating it, is wasted time and money. 

Common Mistake is overthinking

In the information technology area, the most common mistake in today's busy world is that you are overthinking your solution, which is then making it too complicated to handle and therefore it will become worthless as nobody is buying nor use it. 


How to avoid overthinking? That is million dollar question and we can guarantee that there are as many answers as there people answering it. Based on your business, there might be a good time to start using AI technology as part of your portfolio. Currently AI is coming in a speed of light to every market area. Which one is yours? Creating program code? Designing a website? Hiring new personnel? List is endless and AI is already here to help you on those tasks. You just need to simplify what you want to do with your business. 

Affiliate link

Affiliate link

When you get over the fact that you have used too much time for small things, you will start making better decisions

A decision making is crucial part of your business, so don't make it too complicated. The whole internet is full of knowledge, but is it usable, when needed for decision making?Most of the times, it is not used and therefore decision you made, might cost you a lot of extra effort, and time, which is not free money, because you have to take it from somewhere. AI is giving you the opportunity to reduce the time to collect all the required background information for your decision making. Ai can also handle most of your standard e-mail communication. It can create you the offers to be sent out to the customers.


So, if you not thought about AI in your business so far, start thinking outside of your current box. Good option to start using AI in your business is TextCortex AI which you can start using free by using that affiliate link. 

Do you really need all the services what you have or could you simplify your portfolio?


Less is More even on this topic. If you narrow your offered portfolio, it will require less effort to maintain, which make you more profitable. AI can reduce your standard work radically so you have more time to develop your business itself. 

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