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AI as an 

One of the most obvious benefits of AI is that it can automate tasks that are repetitive, dangerous, or difficult for people to perform. For example, robots are now being used in factories and warehouses to perform tasks such as assembly and package handling, which not only increases efficiency but also improves worker safety by reducing the need for humans to perform these tasks in potentially hazardous environments. Following text contain affiliate links, which means that in case you subscribe to the service we are getting a small comission of your purchase. The commission doesn't impact the purchase price, which is the same for you even without that specific link. 

Some reasons behind the decision making


AI can also be used to improve human decision-making by providing insights and recommendations based on data analysis.


Some examples how the AI can be used, retail companies are using AI to better understand consumer behavior, which helps them make more informed decisions about product development, marketing and sales. AI can also be used to help managers make better decisions about staffing, by identifying patterns that indicate when employees are likely to leave or need more support.

Would you use artificial intelligence to help your current daily work, if it become available for you?

You can start using AI right now if you like. Here is TextCortext AI  a solution that fits also to a corporate level and has a proper support functions, in case needed. 

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As AI is running out of your own machine, what is the risk of using it?

The risk of using AI is close to the same as it is with any other application running on cloud. In case you are on the edge of making decision whether to start using AI in your environment, you should always consider couple of things, what is the privacy level, e.g. is it GDPR compliant? Is there a support available in case needed? License coverage for whole company or just one single user? Can you use the material provided by AI without any restrictions?


ChatGPT may be one of the best known AI at the moment, but it is not the only one. And as the amount of the users is increasing, it has already some challenges to keep up with the high demand. That means that it may not be available when you have the need for it. That is also a reason, why you should consider some other AI platforms instead for the corporate environments. Really good alternative for your environment is TextCortex AI, which also has all the above mentioned risks taken care of, including the availability issue.

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